Do I Really have time?

I started this blog officially 12 months ago this week.

Yes, i know this is my first post. You see, everytime i sit down to write,  a number of questions run through my head and i never managed to actually publish my thoughts.

Why do people blog?

What makes me interesting enough to blog?

How does one just start to blog? and what do they put in their first ever post?

But most importantly – do i have time to commit to a blog?

Will it be like those Pjs and the 4 bibs currently stowed away under the stairs that i started sewing when Cub H ( now 3) was born? Or perhaps the scrapbooking album that sits half completed in my bookshelf?

In reality it recently dawned on me that time really doesn’t stand still, weeks and months zoom by – next week BabyCub M will be 5 months old!! It really seems like only yesterday he was born into our family.

I will admit its been an extremely busy  5 months with countless hospital appointments and babycub M’s Surgery. But i cant believe that he will soon be half a year old and I know suddenly his first birthday will be upon us.

People say – “you always look back and remember” or ” it will be a great story to tell them when they get older”  But i will admit i can’t always remember whether i ate breakfast this morning or not? How have i got any chance in hell of remembering some great childhood stories to retell my brood?

Therefore Ive decided that i DO have the time to blog – if only for me to return back to in 6 months, 2years or 10 years time to relive the moments of our family that at the time i may have been to busy to enjoy.

The diary of our lives – capturing the everyday antics that are often forgotten.

Please feel free to walk beside us  – sharing and remembering your everyday moments as well.

Jana x


2 thoughts on “Do I Really have time?

  1. Hi Jana
    I hear you girl! The time thing is a big issue & I ponder it each & every day – thanks so much for following my blog & also for the link. Keep up the blog – if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask away!

  2. I’m also struggling to find the time to blog, but felt it was a great way of chronicling our family’s adventures. Here’s hoping we both find the time to do more blogging. Sarah

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