A Rubbish Party!

So last month amidst the chaos that the beginning of the year seems to always bring, our gorgeous little Cub-H turned 3!

I will admit with babycub-M recovering from his lip surgery and wedding season in full swing, i nearly just skipped it altogether and brought an icecream cake and stuck a candle in it. Would he really know any different?

But – then his buddies at Kindy started to turn 3, then those in his Mothers Group and it all started to make sense to him.  Balloons, games, cake, singing and most importantly he finally understood presents. OMG did he suddenly understand presents!

Saying this however, he was an awesome present receiver – he would open the card first, (not a trait i taught him!!) then rip into the paper, gasp and cheer and exclaim that it was the best thing ever – every time, like he had been programmed.

Now, we find it important to instil manners and politeness into our boys so it becomes like second nature – but this kind of response you couldn’t programme. This was pure Cub-H enthusiasm through and through, it was gorgeous to see and brought a smile to every gift givers face.

So about a week before his birthday i suddenly decided that we should throw a party especially since he finally understood them!

Cue me running around like a nutter getting completely over the top with everything as always!! Cub-H’s birthday has always been that once a year event that we open up the house and hold a huge shindig – so why should this year be any different right?

Mummafox: Cub-H what kind of party should we have?

Cub-H: Bin man Party

Mammafox: Ok, how about trucks and cars and trains? or maybe a construction party?

Cub-H: no just Bin men.

Ok – we can do this! (Scrolling through Pinterest in my mind – will a search bring up anything for a trash party!!)

I picked up a truck picture from Google and a simple 3 to match and printed them onto transfer paper to make this awesome T-shirt that i must say was probably one of Cub-H highlights of the day! He LOVED it!!! In total it cost about $1.50 if you include the paper and ink cost!


Our Dessert table – top level – party favours for the  young party goers  at just $3 each – small metal rubbish trucks also used as decorations and one big truck filled with “rubbish bags” lolly bags for the older kids.

Lower levels – Mud tubs with dirt and worms, Rubbish bins with pig sweets, Slime Jelly tubs, metal bins with party snacks, Choc pebble crackles (sans burnt popcorn – total mummy fail!)


The Trucks were a huge hit with Cub-H’s 3yr old buddies.


The gorgeous printable thank you tags from http://www.catchmyparty.com – check out their free printables here – http://catchmyparty.com/printables


We kept this table simple and child friendly  – with all the other food being outside.

AFter much scrutinising on the internet about how i was going to achieve the bin truck i finally decided on a simple design that was effectively the right colours and shape.

Cue some Oreo wheels, Chocolate biscuit dirt and lego men and we had ourselves a winner!  I actually forgot to take a final picture of it once i had completed the sign writing – but here are a couple pre-sign completion.




My Gorgeous Birthday Boy – i still cant believe its been 3 years!!


All in all – albeit it rushed i think we managed ok !

Happy 3rd Birthday Gorgeous Cub-H!!

Jana (Mum) x


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