30 – Alive or Denial?

So here we are a month since turning 30 and guess what?

I Survived  – and I live to tell the story!

Ok …… so that may be a slightly dramatic view!

Being in the era where all my friends are catching the big “30” one by one – more and more each month as the year rolls by. You would start to think it was some kind of disease slowly taking over the world like some airborne virus in a Stephen speilberg movie.

There was mixed reviews about what 30 would bring me from various friends –

“the start of better things”

“the end of an era”

“pull out the slippers” etc  – the list went on.

So i decided i would ignore it……. I certainly didnt feel 30! and after spending the last 12 years handing over ID cards to be served in pubs i was hoping i didnt look 30!

Now i know what your thinking! –  denial?     Absolutely not. in fact it was exactly the opposite.

I couldnt be happier  – in fact i havent been happier….. ever.

My teens – well they were a rocky, hormone unbalance, uneducated time.

My 20’s? travels, unsuccessful relationships, family communication breakdowns and a young professional in a male influenced workplace.

Finally…… im feeling comfortable, at home, happy and for once in my life –  petrified to lose what i have – not a bad petrified, just the type that makes you feel sick if you ever think “how would i feel if i didn’t have him” and thats the best type of petrified to feel!

I havent found myself bogged down in a number – but then with 19 years between me and hubby perhaps we have learnt to ignore the numbers a long time  ago!

Ok so i will admit there has been a few moments – like when you realise you no longer fall into the 19 – 29 group in surveys or you dont actually know what the number 1 song in the charts is!

Either way – its not so bad! infact quite enjoyable!

I cant wait what the years ahead have for me – Denial or no Denial!


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