Does time only fly when your having fun?

Here i am for my obligatory 6 month blog post.

Don’t get me wrong – its not that nothing’s happening – quite the opposite – its seems that so much is happening that i never get the chance to sit down quietly to put pen to paper ( so to speak!)

Like right now. My boys are actually playing together nicely (well 95% nicely), its raining outside so the guilt of needing to pull out those massive weeds is less (and being watered nicely – damn!) but i still can’t avoid the fact that i should be using this uninterrupted 5 minutes to fill in next years school paperwork or the new childcare forms, update my business plan, check my emails, sand the office walls – the list goes on. Anyway chin up and move on girl….


Speaking of Moving.. we have recently sold our house, found a new palace and moved over 100km south  (now I’m starting to realise how time has slipped by rapidly).

So far it feels like it rains more, is much less windy and soooo much greener. But we are loving it and can not wait for summer, When I’m sure we will be wishing that extra rain back again.

With still a twinge of sadness i regularly think of the old house we built, put the hard earned $ and effort into to finish, where PappaFox & CubJ got ready for our wedding, brought our sons home to for the first time and celebrated many an anniversary, Xmas or achievement in.

It certainly wasn’t that we didn’t like it or the suburb, but we had grown too big for the little hut and our boys were eager for more space for “boy things” like climbing trees and riding bikes too fast. Plus we were just that bit too far from the Grandies for them to get those precious first years together with the boys, whilst the admiration and “Grumps your so cool” still resonated from their mouths daily.But i will admit its hard to leave something you technically still love.

But off we went and we haven’t looked back….

just over half an acre full of beautiful trees, boy adventures, Kookaburra calls, veggie patches and most importantly space. Space to do what kids do best – play and laugh and be noisy.

We have decided to renovate as opposed to build again so as we embark on a slow renovating journey we hope to keep you informed – the good times and the bumps along the way.

Eep!  Officially Sold!

Eep! Officially Sold!

Moving Day! Not sure Mo is aware!

Moving Day! Not sure Mo is aware!

Watching the sunset on our new abode on the first night

Watching the sunset on our new abode on the first night

Jana XX


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