Father’s Day Printables

Here’s hoping you had an awesome Father’s Day yesterday and all those Dads were truly smothered with attention.

I will admit i struggle on where to start with Father’s Day and this year has really been the first year that Cub – H has know what it is about.

So i was firstly relieved to hear that now in Kindy, He would be doing something in the classroom – and wow create he DID!

They made awesome biscuits and wrapped them up beautifully. They also made a card – i was astonished at how his writing is coming along – at just 4! His school P & C also run a small fathers day stall  – so off he trotted with his coinage to buy dad something he truly wanted. Sorted. Well if what Dad wants is a thermometer and a fridge whiteboard then yes . Sorted.

photo 4

This made me feel better – as if suddenly there was something to give… something that if all my great ideas fell through cub – H would have something to give. But it also encourages me. Knocks me into gear.

These printables from Bianca at A little delightful are awesome, so on a windy rainy friday we decided to get creating.

photo 1

Firstly this awesome printable for a picture of dad – cub-H isn’t one for taking too long at these “quieter” activities. So dad was drawn well, but quickly.  But after a  small amount of encouragement we filled up the page. Then i couldn’t get him to stop!

Suddenly we had not only dad but – the dog and clouds and sun and rain  – i was very impressed.
photo 2

Next we completed dads questionnaire – which was quite entertaining, especially when asked dads name and getting the answer “T for Dad” Hmmmmm might need to work on those Letter sounds a bit more.

But he answered truthfully and was nearly always correct, for example : what is dads favourite TV show?  – “the News of course” (this is because anything that isn’t a cartoon and that dad wants to watch must be “the news” – oh what it must be like to be the brain of a 4 year old!
photo 3

You can download these great printables Here  – there is also a great breakfast menu card which we didn’t get a chance to use this year. But I’ve put away for next year hopefully. Thanks Bianca – as amazing as always.

I also picked up this awesome book after seeing them in the Target brochure. I actually went in to grab the Marvel superhero book. however after having a quick flick through i decided it was a tad old. But i spied this book – it was interactively awesome and not to mention uber cute! little letters from inside envelopes from each different animal to their dad.



photo 2

photo 4

At the end we had a space to write a letter to our dad and i printed and stuck a picture of the boys on the back. I think i might have to whip out the laminator soon to just protect the letters for a bit longer ( especially with a 2 year old around who wants in on every book!)

photo 5photo 3



It was a great day with blustery river walks and an awesome roast dinner with friends.

With my gorgeous dad trekking around the world on adventures and this being the first fathers day since the passing of Pappa Fox’s amazing Dad – we held our special dad close and gave him an extra squeeze just because!

Love you Dad x

 photo 1


One thought on “Father’s Day Printables

  1. Oh thank you so much for sharing that you used my father’s day printables! How GORGEOUS is your little mans drawing of his dad! Sounds like you had a lovely Father’s Day 🙂 xx

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