GF, DF, RiceFree, SoyFree, NutFree cake please

With a party date set and the days counting down i set out to sort out Cub – H’s Cake. Now i knew we had a few guests with intolerances and i would hate to exclude them. So the challenge was on!

He didn’t have a specific shape cake in mind (phew!) but of course a Batman cake was the request.  Now i contemplated going with batman logo shapes and black tinted icings or fondants but nobody wants a completely black cake right?

But there had been a cake i had been wanting to try for a while – now at the moment rainbow layer cakes are all the rage – but unfortunately i had made this for Cub-H’s 2nd birthday ( did i mention I’m always ahead of trends?? hehe) so that was not an option.

So i researched around for piñata cakes. There were many different examples out there in cyber space – some impressive ( we are talking tempered chocolate domes and gold leaf) and some not so impressive. I researched and researched and then…… i looked a little bit more for a happy medium between disaster home made and amazing but stressful.

I wanted to avoid the chocolate dome type piñata cake as March in WA can be near on 40 degrees!

I did note however, that many cakes with the simple hole cut out the middle didn’t get that avalanche of lollies when the first slice was pulled out.

I wanted that avalanche ….

I wanted it to look like 300,000kg of sweets were falling out of the cake. More investigating took place…..

My findings found out that three layers were needed at least ( 4 if you wanted a taller cake would be even better) but the key was that the bottom layer must have the whole cut out too, not just the middle layers!

So for my 3 layers  – 2 would have holes in them ( looking like HUGE doughnuts) and the top one would be a normal full cake. Easy. right? hmmm….

I decided to use the Magic Bean cake for the Thermomix, made with Pulses ( i.e.. kidney beans, cannelloni beans etc) it was nut free, gluten free yet still so moist that people without diet restrictions would have no idea! plus the kids were getting a whole pile of protein and a lot less sugar ( well in the cake at least!)

Cake made it was time for construction – as i did with the rainbow cake i cut my holes out and then popped the layers in the freezer – well wrapped these would stay moist until party day ( a great tip – you can bake your cake and freeze it so its one less thing to do the day before, plus in the summer here icing a frozen cake means your icing is not so soft) i always freeze test new cake recipes and this one did not fail to deliver, defrosted it was still beautifully fresh and moist.

Here is my cake two layers up filled with smarties and freckles and a cake crumb icing layer  – it was surprising how few chocolates it took to fill but how impressive it looked!


Top layer going on and the cake crumbing complete – off to the fridge to set.


Finally the 2nd coating of the blue buttercream and the decorations – for this i had used some of his batman lego figurines ( some say its cheating – i say intelligence!)

I also make a batman logo out of black and yellow fondant to pop on top of the cake for solid “batman-ness”




The cake was a huge success!

For cub-H who didn’t know of the hidden surprise and for Papa-fox who may have forgotten about the hidden chocolates!





All in all i love this cake and I’m just a bit tempted to make a version of it for Cub-M’s 2nd carnival birthday coming up.

Who doesn’t love chocolate cake FULL of sweets right?

J x


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